Marcia Teixeira | Services
Develop your awareness, skills, and processes to navigate conflict, improve well-being, enhance performance, and deliver purpose-driven results.
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Individual Coaching

The objective of the coaching sessions is to allow people to get clarity on their values, life purpose, and authentic presence, and to make choices and take actions that move them toward achieving their goals.


Individual 60-min sessions can be in-person, online (Skype or GoToMeeting), or by phone.


The number of sessions and frequency of meetings is agreed at the contracting phase, and is based on initial assessments, client timeline, and desired outcomes.


Marcia coaches clients in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Team Coaching & Development

Customized to client needs, workshops are interactive and experiential, creating learning environments that enable individuals to open up to new possibilities, take risks, and experiment with change.


Marcia brings her coaching expertise to facilitate workshops that focus on improving multicultural and multigenerational communication to clear teams’ blockers, improve collaboration, and get work done.


Workshop options range from 4-hour sessions to 2-day retreats, depending on the topics to be covered and the depth of exploration.


Taking a systemic approach, Marcia explores with executives (leaders) and teams how to assess situations, uncover issues, and understand blockers and patterns.


Using action research methodology, she works with her clients to enable them to identify problems, take measures to solve them, observe the results, and then repeat the cycle as needed. Evaluating the progress opens new possibilities for adopting diverse perspectives and fostering creativity and innovation to achieve excellence.


Consulting services can be contracted by project or for a specific time, depending on each client’s needs and objectives.

Gain Awareness


Understand and become conscious of your, your team’s, and your organization’s systems. Identify patterns, behaviors, and dynamics, and learn why and how they affect your current results.

Take Action


Develop new skills and behaviors that will optimize your organizational strategies, structures, and processes, and drive the transformation you need. Actions are based on methodologies that aim realign strategies, values, processes to meet and exceed goals.

Make Impact


During and after implementing changes, you and your team can evaluate their impact. Observing and reflecting on the results allow course-correction and taking steps to create a culture of sustainable change and growth.