Marcia Teixeira | About
Develop your awareness, skills, and processes to navigate conflict, improve well-being, enhance performance, and deliver purpose-driven results.
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I believe my life is like an ascending spiral path I keep progressing on. If I look downward from where I am, it appears I have passed some places many times.

And I have.

But each time I do, I gain a new perspective that enables me to face whatever happens in life.

I have become more mature, more spiritual, and more wise.

Thanks to this evolution, I feel capable of dealing with new challenges and
open to keep learning and growing.

How many times have you wanted to say something during a meeting, but you thought it wouldn’t be appropriate because people wouldn’t like your “silly idea”?
How often do you see problems and dysfunctions in your organization and don’t propose changes because you don’t feel empowered to?
How many people have you worked with who have encouraged you to express who you are and have motivated you to become a better human being?

During the years I worked in the corporate world, I witnessed and experienced many situations like these. In some, I felt diminished, unauthentic, and unable to act and take risks. In others, I felt inspired and determined to make meaningful and impactful changes. Because of my professional journey, I decided to go deeper and take a new step in my life.


My mission is to increase joy and decrease suffering in each and every interaction by living every moment connected to a higher purpose.


In my practice, I ask myself and others insightful questions to cultivate diverse perspectives and to contribute to developing environments which restore health to relationships as well as inspire and manifest unconditional love and mutual respect. Through my coaching and consulting processes, I develop high-performance individuals, teams, and organizations.


I use non-judgmental and open-hearted curiosity, kindness, and transparency to create the emotional safety required for courageous truthfulness, reflection, and disclosure. This results in individuals taking ownership of developing and executing their personal plans, and teams committing to and executing their operational agreements.

I’m a lifelong learner, a Master in Organization Systems (LIOS/Saybrook University), and an International Certified Coach (International Coaching Institute). I hold an MBA (Universidade de São Paulo), Bachelor in Economic Science (PUC São Paulo), and Bachelor in Marketing (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing). As I am going to live 100 years, healthy and lucid, much more will be added to my future academic adventures!


I have managed and worked in multicultural and multigenerational teams for more than 30 years. I speak Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and my professional and academic backgrounds give me a unique perspective to offer coaching and consulting to people and organizations worldwide.


My commitment to myself and others is to live intentional, engaged, relevant, and happy lives that contribute to progress in individuals, organizations, and the world.


I invite you to work with me and embark on a journey of intentional learning, relevant transformation, and impactful growth!